The Story

Kina Beach Vineyard is owned by Karin Schoch and Achim Bauer. Their passion for wine has taken them around the many corners of the wine-growing world. 

It was in the South of Chile, while stranded at an airport, that Karin and Achim stumbled across a for-sale advertisement for Kina Beach Vineyard in 2011. Today, they divide their time between Central Europe and New Zealand.

Kina Beach About Us Our Story
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Achim Bauer

Director & co-owner

Achim’s main focus is vineyard operations, sales, marketing and finance.

Achim brings a wealth of management, business and financial experience to the venture built up during 30+ years of working for large global organisations, as well as building business as an entrepreneur.

In 2007, Achim took an experienced professionals’ course in Winemaking and Viticulture at EIT. He gained experience in the wine industry working in the vineyard and winery operations of the renowned Clearview Estate in Hawkes Bay.

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Karin Schoch

Director & co-owner

Karin is the main driver of the venture, focusing on winemaking, our people, our partners and administration.

Karin brings a broad range of international and business experience to the venture. Karin has over 20+ years of practice working in various capacities for small and large international organisations around the world and has benefited from working in diverse professional and cultural environments. In addition, she holds a Certificate in Grapegrowing and Winemaking from Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) in Hawkes Bay.

The Land

Kina Beach Vineyard derives its name from the Kina shells that can be found along the shore of Kina Peninsula. The peninsula is framed by a long beach offering breath-taking views across the Tasman Bay and a beautiful tidal inlet that is home to a diverse ecosystem.

Kina Beach Vineyard was established in 1998 on land that used to be an apple orchard. The wines excel on rolling north facing slopes and on easily undulating and free draining Mapua sandy loam soils – also famous as Moutere Clays – offering low natural fertility providing excellent conditions for a balanced growing environment.

The coastal margin displays a relatively temperate climate with modest rain fall volumes spread across the year and a constant exposure to a cleansing breeze from either the Moutere Inlet or the Tasman Bay.

Today, the 4.3 hectare un-irrigated vineyard is planted with the Kina Beach Vineyard flagship varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as well as the “Kiwi Classic” Sauvignon Blanc. The wines produced from these varieties are all proof of the incredible diversity New Zealand terroirs can create. Vines, clones and rootstock material are evaluated regularly and replaced where deemed necessary. In combination with astringent and sustainable viticultural practice, this allows for the production of premium quality grapes and excellent single estate wines – great wines are made in the vineyard. This is where it all starts.


Running a sustainable business is very important to us. Being grapegrowers and living on the vineyard we are acutely aware of the nature that surrounds us and provides for our livelihood. We grow our grapes sustainably and have been a member of Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ) since its inception.

Our gardens are mostly planted in native shrubs and trees; they require little water and provide shelter for local birds and insects. The productive vegetable garden and orchard is tended to according to organic practices.

More recently, we have been able to upgrade our infrastructure, which now allows us to draw all energy needs from solar PV. We actively collect rainwater and only occasionally top up our water needs from our bore. Our zero waste and recycling policy is complemented by sourcing of sustainable material and organic produce.

We are strongly committed to the Tiaki Promise initiative and are committed to care for New Zealand, for now and future generations. Visit Tiaki NZ website.