Kina Beach Vineyard

Premium wines & boutique seaside cottages

Nelson Tasman

Welcome to Kina Beach Vineyard

A place of wonder, a chance to slow down, enrich the senses and open up to the beauties of nature. This is how we feel about Kina Beach Vineyard and we hope that you can share our sense of wonder.

The estate offers all the pleasures wine lovers dream of. It overlooks the sea in the tranquil and unspoilt setting of Kina Peninsula, it grows fine quality grapes in an environmentally-conscious way and produces premium wines that reflect the outstanding characteristics of its micro-terroir.

Two vineyard cottages offer self-contained boutique accommodation and are the perfect romantic getaway. Relax in style, soak up the stunning views and enjoy a tasting of Kina Beach Vineyard’s wines at the Tasting Room.

Kina Beach Vineyard offers all the pleasures wine lovers dream of

Kina Beach Vineyard is a small family-owned wine estate overlooking the beautiful Tasman Sea near Nelson on New Zealand’s South Island, where you can relax in boutique countryside accommodation and enjoy award-winning single estate wines. Explore our accommodations and be inspired!

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We hand pick the best grapes produced in the vineyard to create premium single estate wines reflecting the Kina Beach Vineyard terroir. Our Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc wines are made by expert winemakers. They are selected for their ability to craft an outstanding varietal in a winemaking style best suited to the distinctive qualities of the Kina Peninsula winegrowing region.